Plugin “Virtual Dealer”

“Virtual Dealer” plugin is an ideal solution for a Forex broker, needed for an effective management by expanding the platform technologies.

“Virtual dealer” implements an entire or partial simulation of the dealer’s actual actions. For example, it processes Stop Loss and Take Profit and executes delayed orders. And this is not a complete list of all its advantages.

“Virtual dealer” will increase profit without risks due to the implementation of an entire or partial simulation of the dealer’s actual actions.

Using plugin “Virtual Dealer” you can:

  1. Customize the delayed period for the certain groups and separately currency pairs included in the customized group;
  2. Set the default slip for a specific group or currency pair that included in the customized group.

In order to show you the advantages of “Virtual Dealer” we will get acquainted with some of its functions:

Confirmation of the client’s request with the subsequent planned delayed execution (up to 5 seconds) and further levels rechecking of the limit and stop orders

Execution of any pending limit and stop orders

Accepting of a request for quotation with an instant execution, as well as with an automatic, planned slippage

Tracking of the delayed stop orders, open positions and their execution at the maximum price of the price jump

Shifting of the client’s delayed orders to another scheduled time (for example, before the news issues);

Automatic removal or modification of the clients’ orders as required

A specific feature of the plugin “Virtual dealer” is a minimization of the Forex broker’s risks with the maximum profit growth due to the news volatility, slippage and price jumps.

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