Personal cabinet

The «Eqvola» company presents you with a comfortable and functional Forex-broker personal cabinet. This cabinet is designed taking into account the basic needs of both trader’s clients and broker’s employees.

Personal cabinet combines the user-friendly interface, speed, functionality and strong design. Your customers will get maximum of comfort when working with you through the web. And your employees will have a simple and functional way to process the applications and monitor the customers’ statistics.

The minimum package of the Personal Cabinet includes:

– Broker’s website design retrofitting

– All the necessary payment systems connection, which are already registered by broker

– Desired functionality display for the specific broker

– Affiliate Program and notification system setup upon broker’s requests

– Trivial functionality (current capabilities adding or modifying) personalization for a particular broker.

Initial installation after getting all necessary access and wishes can be faster than 15 working days. If you need a complex individual personalization, extra settings will be also installed to your personal cabinet within the next month…

Price: € 20 000


Affiliate system

We present you a plugin for multi-tier affiliate program affiliate system.

An affiliate multilevel marketing is used to increase the customers’ flow. This method can be safely called effective, since it helps to reduce a lot of advertising costs and increases customer loyalty and attract customers through the commission on payments to partners.

We would say that the multilevel marketing allows to use all advantages to the full extent. For example the fact that a multi-level partnership system attracts the agents who can help with traders recruitment.

We have identified advantages of affiliate systems:

– for each of the levels you will independently determine the size of the commission;

– you have fewer competitors, as multi-level marketing will help to create a team with a common global goal; – you do not have to search for partners;

– you can use the multi-level marketing 100% without any restrictions.

As the functionality of the multi-level marketing, it allows you to create any number of partners, setting for each one an individual payout percentage. This plugin can be used to enroll commission for partners immediately after the trade execution.

With the affiliate system you totally reduce your marketing costs. This program is ideal for those who plan to engage in a brokerage company not only customers but also partners.

Price: € 3000


Web trader

Modern lifestyle is forcing traders to look for a quick access to the trading terminal at any time, wherever he may be, on the road, at home or in an office. Therefore, we offer web-trader – functional web terminal which allows you to trade through a broker’s website.

In order to meet the trader’s needs brokers offer to trade with the help of web terminals. Thus, the trader sells an average of 30% more time than usual.

Web-trader advantages and opportunities for you:

1. Doing business from the broker’s website. Trading in the web terminal is carried out only via the broke’s site. It means that the trader is constantly on the broker’s website and sees all the updates and news just before each new logging in to the terminal.

2. Integration with MT4. Web terminal may be integrated with the well-known platform MT4. After this integration traders are able to trade directly from your browser using the same account as on MT4.

3. Maximum speed. Web-trader is developed using new technologies of HTML 5 language that meets the safety requirements and success rate.

4. Any possible opportunities for a trader. The Web terminal provide access to more than 100 trading instruments and there is a function of the rapid market and pending orders opening, as well as the ability to view available full reports on traded executions and deposit operations.

May the trader on your website with the Web-trader feel like home!

Price: € 6000


Integration with MQL5

MQL5 (MetaQuotes Language 5) – is a language for programming trading strategies which allows you to create trading robots, your own technical indicators, scripts, and entire libraries of functions. Globally these tools extend the capabilities of a broker and selling traders on the Forex market.

The main advantages are a copy function of trade executions and connection to other traders who sell their signals on MQL5 resource. Trading activity of traders and effectiveness of trading signals providers are carefully checked. Note that the signal providers get monthly fee from their clients (investors). Resource supports quite a big number of payment systems, which greatly simplifies the process of buying and selling trading signals.

Overall MQL5 opens good prospects for your brokerage activities. MQL5 presence allows customers to connect to the trading signals. Besides it is possible to pay out MQL5 services directly from your trading account.

All this you can get from a broker resource integration with MQL5 service.

Price: € 2500


Website development

In the website creating process for your broker we develop a modern and unique design considering different internet browsers. We provide with several options for the company’s logo, devise an animation and also integrate web services particularly with MT4.

The Website developing process for your broker consists of the following steps:

1. Optimally effective interface design;At the initial stage we think over all the features of your future site considering the needs of the business. As a result you get the most advantageous and interesting solution.

2. A website layout design;We prepare not just a beautiful site layout but also define your target audience, form the main communication messages for them demonstrating the unique selling proposition with a focus on your business’ strengths. On the basis of creative ideas and the experience of our team we offer extremely affordable and innovative designs.

3. Web development;This is one of the important steps that activates our abilities to the maximum. Our programmers are C ++ / C #, Java, PHP, Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL specialists. This gives us an opportunity to solve problems of any complexity for our customers.

The cost of developing the site separately, starting at $ 2000 and takes 14 days. More detailed terms and prices calculation depends on the complexity of the customer’s wishes.

We are ready to implement a classic online business card or 100% functional project for your business for working on the Forex market.

Price: from € 2000



Eqvola delivers Forex CRM solution for effective client management:

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Conversion Management
  • Accounts & Client Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Deposits & Withdrawal Automation
  • Trading Platform Integration
  • Client Documents Management
  • Incoming & Outgoing E-Mail Integration
  • Mass E-mailing
  • Marketing Campaigns

Streamline and automate your forex business processes, give everyone in your company a complete view of the customer, provide deeper analysis and insight into critical sales and customer metrics, and keep everyone focused on getting new customers while keeping the ones you already have happy.

Price: € 6000


Virtual dealer

“Virtual dealer” will increase profit without risks due to the implementation of an entire or partial simulation of the dealer’s actual actions.

Using the plugin you can:

  • customize the delayed period for the certain groups and separately currency pairs included in the customized group;
  • set the default slip for a specific group or currency pair that included in the customized group.

Price: € 4500


Consulting services

Consulting services are different types of core services (usually a professional providing of the information on actual customer’s issue) which are necessary for the promotion, development, new solutions optimization, unique and perspective business ideas on the Forex market. We offer not only a full range of innovative services and complex innovative solutions but also consulting services which are required for effective brokering.

Price: € 2000


Personal development

The «Eqvola» company was launched in 2013 and its aim is to support customers in business organization on the Forex market.
Personal development which we offer to our customers means an individual approach to the project creation process and launch at the beginning or at the middle of the activity i.e. at any stage of development.
For the brokerage companies we offer a wide range of services. However, many of them need a very individual approach in solving an issue or achieving the goal. So if you thoroughly think about creating your own brokerage company or a successful continuation of its activity you’d rather trust the professionals. We will offer the most profitable solution for any of your tasks, issues or aims.

Price: € 45 / hour



The credit-bonus module includes a server plug-in, a web-part with the receiver’s functionality and bonus settings.
A broker can set up several promotional codes to receive a credit bonus like % of the customer’s addition.
After receiving the promo code, the client can lead it to the replenishment page and receive a % of the replenishment amount like loan (margin bonus).
Only one promotion code can be used on one account.
Further, with each replenishment, the user will receive a fixed % of the replenishment sum.
To open a large volume or as a one-time insurance for the fall of personal funds on a sum equal to or more than its deposit.
At the first drawdown, more than your deposit and closing of the first transaction (no matter profit or loss), the loan funds will be automatically debited from the account.

Price: €1000



Connect the functionality for micro and cent accounts to your personal cabinet.
-creation of accounts
-addition \ conclusions
-inversion transfers
-information on bills

Price: € 1500

copy trader


This includes the server plug-in COPY TRADER with a full-fledged web part of the copy system with the functionality:
-Create a master account
-Subscription on the master
-Rating and statistics
-Master’s card
-Setting the copy conditions

Price: € 6000

Personal cabinet
Affiliate system
Web trader
Integration with MQL5
Website development
Virtual dealer
Consulting services
Personal development

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