End-to-End Transaction Processing

In this model, a brokerage company is an intermediary between a client and a liquidity provider. Clients’ orders in the STP model are automatically forwarded to a liquidity provider, for those operations a broker receives the commission and the part of the spread. Here the broker is interested in the growth of the trading volumes, […]

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In this model, a client buys and sells through a broker. Here the broker is actually a Forex dealer, acting as a counteragent (second participant) for a client at the conclusion of the transaction. If the client wins, the broker loses profit, and vice versa. Most beginners, started trading in the Forex market, have no […]

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Eqvola’s Hybrid Business Model

For all cent accounts, Eqvola is a dealer, that is, acts as the second party of the transaction. This is explained by the terms of the liquidity provider, who doesn’t work with transactions below a certain volume and such orders are processed inside the company.

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