Affiliate system

Forex is the largest financial market where millions of traders trade. Every day, its turnover reaches about 5 trillion dollars. In addition, it’s the fastest-growing sector.

We offer a product that will help your Forex business to become large-scale and successful. It’s a plugin for a multilevel affiliate program in the Forex market –Affiliate system.

If you set a goal to maximize the flow of target clients, you can use the plugin to enlist the support of agents (partners) who will provide your company with traders. This is one of the low-cost and effective (in one word – the best) ways to increase the clientele, for both a newly established and experienced brokerage company.

The main advantage of Affiliate system is that you will be able to make payments: for turnover and directly for the transaction itself. There is also the possibility of charging in points or fixed money.

At your discretion, we can include in the affiliate program several options for calculating of the partners’ bonuses. For example, multilevel and CPA. The last version of the program provides payment of clearly fixed amount for registration and for a certain number of actions. One of the possible conditions is that the client replenishes his/her account with $1000 and trades 5 lots. If the client does this, the partner will receive $200. And this is just one real example of how the Affiliate system works.


Uniqueness: we will develop an affiliate program based on the plugin, especially for your company

Multilevel: (multilevel affiliate program): you receive money from a whole structure of partners (agents)

Efficiency: you can add any number of levels for agents to get as many clients as possible

Business choice: we offer several variants of the partnership program with different conditions, benefits and advantages on your choice

Profitability: you independently regulate the number of levels in your affiliate program, which allows you to maximize the monetization of traffic

No risk: you won’t lose anything, if you decide that the Affiliate system is not for you

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